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Season of Hope

Season of Hope Bereavement Process

Season of Hope is a a six-week bereavemnet process centered on Jesus Christ and grounded in the healing wisdom, tradition, and practices of the Catholic Church.  It is open to anyone who is grieving the death of a loved one.  

Sessions are held once per year and are advertised in the bulletin, on the parish website, and in the weekly email.  Each session focuses on a specific topic and includes prayer, reading and reflecting upon a passage of scripture, an opportunity to share common experiences, and a spiritual exercise to be completed during the week in the privacy of your home.  Communal praying of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for our departed loved ones concludes each session.  

For more information, contact Angela Walker at [email protected].

Season of Hope Social Group

The Season of Hope Social Group meets monthly at a local restaraunt for dinner and companionship.  Anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one and is seeking support from others who understand is invited to come.  Check the weekly bulletin for dates, times and dinner locations or call Marilyn Killila at 317-200-8938.