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Anointing of the Sick

Anointing of the Sick


  Anointing of the Sick is one of two sacraments of healing.  This sacrament can be given multiple times over the course of a person’s life, but it is mainly intended to aid those in danger of death either by illness or medical procedure. The person does not have to be “dying” to receive this sacrament.  In fact, it is highly encouraged that the person, or family of the sick person, contacts the parish so that Father Aaron and the parish can be made aware of the illness.  Father Aaron can then contact the family for a visit and the parish can pray for the sick person.  This sacrament is also available as an aid to the elderly, whether they are sick or not.  If you believe that you or someone you know needs this sacrament, please contact Father Aaron, or any priest.  Due to increased security at hospitals, it is recommend that a family member contact the parish with the hospital and room number of the person in need.

Many people refer to the “Last Rites” of the Church.  This is in reference to three sacraments:  anointing of the sick, reconciliation, and the Eucharist.  These “Last Rites” are given with the understanding that a person is approaching death.  They can be given many days before their actual death.  The family is encouraged to contact the parish to make arrangements for a visit by Father Aaron.  Fr. Aaron can be reached by email at [email protected] or at the parish office at 317-462-4240.  (An option is availalbe for you to reach a priest outside of office hours by calling the parish office phone number.)

Please call the parish and schedule an appointment for Fr. Aaron to visit someone who is ill, and do not wait until death is imminent. Waiting to call may prevent Fr. Aaron from visiting as he has two parishes to manage and a very full schedule.