519 Jefferson Blvd., Greenfield, IN 46140

Masses have resumed at St. Michael.  Click here for all guidelines.  Click here for important reminders.

St. Michael Catholic Church


Construction Photos

  • Mary lays before the Holy Family shrine awaiting removal.
  • The lighting is gorgeous in front of the former altar.
  • Another photo made beautiful by the stained glass St. Michael window.
  • The shrine is boarded up so it is protected from construction debris.
  • St. Joseph hangs out with St. Michael!
  • The heavy "legs" of the altar are prepped for removal.
  • The exterior is prepped for the connector that will unite the ...
  • Crews prepare to remove the crucifix.
  • The crucifix lays in front of where the tabernacle used to be.
  • Crews remove the crucifix's hardware.
  • The back of the church is prepared for the new narthex area.
  • The Stations of the Cross have been removed.
  • The "almost" empty church.
  • View from in front of the tabernacle.
  • The pews have all been removed.
  • Our empty church.
  • Another view of the empty church.
  • Looking toward the main entrance.
  • Looking east between Nolan Hall and the main school building.
  • Exterior of the church facing Jefferson Blvd.
  • Looking toward Jefferson Blvd. with restrooms and confessional on the right.
  • Looking into the sanctuary with the cry room on the right.
  • I-beam holding up the center of the church above the tabernacle ...
  • Looking at the I-beam from the roof.
  • I-beam on the right of the square. View from the roof.
  • The main entrance wall and windows have been removed.
  • The ceiling fans and altar lights have been removed.
  • The cuts in the floor are for the new ventilation system.
  • Demolition has begun on what will be the new main entrance.
  • Look closely...can you see the daffodils blooming?
  • The fountain in the retention pond is running again. It must ...
  • The entrance off of Jefferson has been closed off.
  • An overall view of the exterior demo.
  • The server sacristy has been removed.
  • A closer look at the demolished server sacristy.
  • Exterior demo
  • Heavy machinery help with demo in the sanctuary.
  • The sacristy has been almost completely removed.
  • Exterior view of where the old sacristy was located and where ...
  • The old main entrance will become the back.
  • A bobcat demos the cry room floor. The concrete slab was ...
  • Cry room floor has been completely demolished.
  • View from the sanctuary into the cry room.
  • The lighting from St. Michael is beautiful!
  • Lots of debris on the exterior.
  • The bob cat jackhammers the cry room floor.
  • Exterior view of the almost fully removed sacristy.
  • The sacristy has been removed.
  • The old basement has been uncovered and will be slightly enlarged ...
  • A concrete truck is ready for action on the campus.
  • Workers are making lots of progress.
  • The new section of the basement is taking shape.
  • The old section of the basement is on the left while ...
  • Concrete has been poured for the new connector between the school buildings.
  • The new basement is taking shape!
  • The new narthex will be built over our new basement.


Father Aaron Jenkins and the staff of St. Michael Catholic Church and School welcome you!  We are glad you are here and we are grateful to be a part of your faith journey.  

Mission Statement St. Michael Catholic Church is committed to spreading the love of Christ by growing in faith, building disciples, and serving all.

Vision Statement

  • Adequate space for worship, fellowship, and education.
  • A spiritually-centered, vibrant worship.
  • Support for one another as we work to proclaim our faith.
  • An atmosphere that promotes and supports family values and the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • A total Catholic education available to all ages through our parish school and catechetical programs.
  • Participation in our Church and community as disciples of Jesus.