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Welcome to St. Michael’s Mothers of Preschoolers (MOP)!

At St. Michael’s MOPS, we are a circle of women who love each other like family, because raising humans is beautiful and hard, and having each other to lean on is life-giving.

St. Michael’s MOPS meets bimonthly from August through May from 9-11 a.m. in the Parish Office Meeting Room. Childcare is provided by our wonderful Mops Kids volunteers in a nearby classroom.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The annual fee to join St. Michael’s MOPS is currently $31.95.

If you have questions about St. Michael’s MOPS, please email [email protected]


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Annual Theme

MOPS Annual Theme

The MOPS International theme for the 2017-2018 year is “Free Indeed.”

What do you long for? What is the thing that your heart craves? Is it possible that your deepest desire is to be free?

Free from worry. Free from feeling stuck. Free from hustling to be loved. Free from a heaviness you can’t put your finger on. Free from thinking you should be someone other than exactly who you are.

At the core, maybe what we are all longing for is to be Free Indeed.

Choosing freedom is a deeply spiritual act, one that our souls long for. That is why this year, we choose wild, unexpected freedom; the kind that brings more laughter and less worry, more contentment and less hustle. Freedom that is so contagious, the people around us are compelled toward their own liberation.


St. Michael’s MOPS History

St. Michael’s MOPS began in March 1994, with five mothers eager to find a place to gather and discuss the joys and pains of motherhood, as well as to bring faith home to their families. The small group met in the parish office twice each month.

St. Michael’s MOPS was the first MOPS group in Greenfield, as well as the first Catholic MOPS group to be started (though being Catholic is not required). Today, St. Michael’s MOPS has 14 members and continues to expand, not only in number, but in our faith and friendships.



What is MOPS? – A general information sheet about how the MOPS ministry works.

2017-2018 Meeting Dates– In addition to the meeting dates listed here, we will also have mom’s outings and playdates, but they are not all currently scheduled. We typically announce these dates at our meetings and via email, text, and/or Facebook.

Registration Form– St. Michael's MOPS moms need to have a new registration form filled out each year.

Mops Kids Registration Form – Please let us know your child(ren)’s name(s) as well as any special needs he/she may have.

Policies & Procedures – Like any group, we have rules and a code of conduct by which we abide. Please read thoroughly and direct any questions to the St. Michael’s MOPS steering team.


2017-2018 St. Michael’s MOPS Steering Team

Co-Coordinators – Elizabeth Ernstberger & Katie Staples

Finance Coordinator – DeInda Dellacca

MOPS Kids Coordinator – Jen Norton

Service Coordinator – Mallory Hirsch

Hospitality Coordinator – Shannon Craig

Discussion Coordinator – Elizabeth Ernstberger

Publicity Coordinator – Katie Staples

Creative Activities – Jen Norton

Mentor Moms –Judy Dye, Nancy Nickels, and Amy Ryan



Do you love working with children? Consider joining the St. Michael’s MOPS Ministry! St. Michael’s MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is looking for caring and reliable volunteers to serve as caregivers during our bimonthly meetings. The job entails cuddling babies, chasing toddlers, telling stories, playing with toys, and just generally keeping a group of small children feel safe and secure while their moms are in another room nearby.


Becoming a caregiver allows you to the opportunity to be one of the first faces of Jesus that our youngest parishioners witness. Likewise, it helps give a break to some VERY thankful mothers who take the time to bond in fellowship with other MOPS.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please email [email protected]. The time commitment is two Tuesdays per month, beginning August 22. (Even if you think you might miss a Tuesday or two…please call. We need YOU!)

Photo Gallery


April 2017 painting meeting

April 2017 painting meeting


2016 St. Michael’s Reverse Raffle

2016 St. Michael’s Reverse Raffle


February 2016 – Breakout Indianapolis

February 2016 – Breakout Indianapolis


2013-2014 St. Michael’s MOPS

2013-2014 St. Michael’s MOPS


2012-2013 St. Michael’s MOPS

 2012-2013 St. Michael’s MOPS