“Christ always invites us, however, to enter into song, to rise above our own preoccupations, and to give our entire selves to the hymn of his Paschal Sacrifice for the honor and glory of the Most Blessed Trinity.” –Sing to the Lord, no. 14.


Welcome to St. Michael’s music ministry. We invite you to join in this important ministry within the Liturgy. As music ministers, we are called to lead and enter into song with the congregation. We invite the assembly to join as one in glorifying God through music. Please consider sharing your musical gifts with our St. Michael community.


Helpful Links & Reminders

Here are some helpful links for our music ministry:

Music Schedule: Spring 2018 Schedule

Mass Settings: Glendalough Mass; Mass of Joy and Peace; Storrington Mass; Chant Mass

“Meinrad Psalm Tones” with a link to the following URL:



Would you like more information about the antiphons we use at the weekend Masses?  Click here to learn about these songs of worship.


Joining Music Ministry

There are several ways one can join in our music ministry community: as part of a small group, cantor, accompanist or choir member. 

Small groups regularly provide music at our weekend Masses. Each group has different vocal and instrumental makeup. If interested in joining as vocalist or instrumentalist, please contact us and we can get you situated with an appropriate group.

Individuals also serve as cantors at some Masses. These individuals feel comfortable singing before a congregation by his or herself with an accompanist.

Accompanists are important in leading and sustaining the music for the voices. Pianists and organists who would like to serve as accompanists are encouraged to contact us.

One may join in the St. Michael Choir as well. Weekly choir practice is held each Monday evening in the church. Practice is from 7-9. Please consider joining in not only making music, but building a community.

Use the form below to sign up to be a part of this ministry.

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