Challenge Girls



Challenge’s approach is unique because it combines character formation and apostolic work into a fun environment.  Built around authentic Christian friendship with Christ and others.

  • Complete formation
  • Making a difference
  • Team Life and Teamwork

 There are clubs operating on 6 continents and in 24 countries.

For more information, please contact Katrina Royster at 317-326-1176 or

2018-19 Challenge Registration Form


Upcoming Events

Friendship, Service, and Faith Oh My!

What:  St. Michael Girls Challenge Club Call-Out/Informational Meeting

When:  Friday, August 24 from 4-5:30

Where:  St. Michael, PLC Rm. 2

Challenge Girls Club is a leadership and service group for Catholic girls that encourages girls in grades 5-8 to grow in their faith and serve and lead others using their faith and their relationships with Christ.  Older girls in grades 9-12 continue to grow in their faith by mentoring the younger girls as their team leaders.  Parents can even nourish their own faith by attending events and working with other moms as part of the Mom Squad.  Sometimes, it takes a little boldness to live the faith.  Challenge can help our girls...and their parents...find that boldness!