Bible Studies

Sunday Morning Bible Study

This study meets after the  8:30 am Mass during September to May in the St. Michael Parish Office Meeting Room 2 (use door #9 between the parish office and the school).

The study through Lent is the Gospel of Matthew - the first book in the New Testament. Learn why it is the most Jewish of the Gospels, what is unique to Matthew's Gospel, and how it relates to the other three. Anyone interested in Bible Study is welcome!  Bring a Bible.  For more information contact Darlene Davis, 317-498-2242 or email

Friday Morning Bible Study

The study meets after the 8:30 a.m. Mass on Friday mornings in the parish office meeting room.  

Study resumes on Friday, February 16th and will begin with the Lectionary readings during Lent and the book of Acts after Easter.  For more information, please contact Jo Felker at 317-467-0812 or

Divine Mercy for Addicts

No meetings, no fees, just prayer!  This group prays the Chaplet of Divine Mercy daily for people with addictions.  To join, simply commit to praying the Chaplet anytime of day for one or more persons with an addiction.